10 Ways To Make Money Online Today In Kenya

With the gigantic penetration of the internet, which is growing with every new day, online jobs have taken a new shape: it has become so much easier to make money online. The beauty of online jobs is that you can work at the comfort of your home. Here we list 15 ways you can earn a living working online.

1. Transcription and Content Translation

These require listening and typing audio into text that can be read. Such jobs are listed on sites such as Upwork.com and Rev.com. Compensation varies from one job to the other. It also varies depending on how experienced one is.

Preachers too have audio content which you can offer to record, listen, type and publish at a fee online or on paper.

This also involves transcription of videos or podcasts which are posted on various platforms.

If you are equipped with a good understanding of a foreign language, you can do a search on translation jobs online such as those on English-French, Spanish or Swahili translation.

2. Blogging

You can start your own blog and pick a topic or subject of interest to write about.

The topics people want to read about the most are on content that seeks to answer questions or respond to a problem. Once you attract enough readers, you can get campaigns for your blog and interested entities can sponsor their content to appear on your platform.

3. Social Media influencer Networks

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have jobs you can pick up as well. All you need to have is a basic understanding of respective audiences, how to use the platforms and have some influence on these platforms.

Here, you can earn some quick money in helping push hashtags eg on Twitter for companies, organizations or other business entities.

To succeed in this, tag along social media influencers, connect and learn from them. Here, your effort and creativity determines your pay.

4. Online Trade and Digital Marketing 

You can make money by selling any goods or services online. This can be on Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram where you post products on your timeline or stories sections for your friends. A number of your friends might definitely be potential buyers.

If not in business, you can offer to do this for a business entity near you like a shoe or jewelry shop to earn commissions.

You may pick on a business such as a hotel, boutique or Wholesale shop that is around you and set up Whatsapp Business for them and help market their merchandise.

More to that, consider taking free digital marketing courses on platforms such as LinkedIn. The courses offer highly sought-after skills that can help you build a career in digital marketing.

5. V-logging

This is creation and sharing of video on digital platforms. YouTube has pleasant revenue generation opportunities from video content. It is critical that you don’t just concentrate on subscription numbers.

Before you start a channel, know who you intend to target with the video. Once you become an influencer on YouTube, it comes with lots of engagement and this way, you can make money even before monetizing your channel.

This happens when companies or brands approach you for features or mentions in your videos and then later you can monetize the channel.

You can also sell goods through your channel. On the required video quality, I’d say use what you have well to get what you do not have. It all starts somewhere and later gets better.

6. Research and Content Writing

Facebook pages Academic Research Writers and Awesome Transcribers have clients offering content creation jobs.

Thousands of youth have also been earning from others avenues such as doing research and assignments for clients abroad and are paid depending on the number of words submitted.

Additionally, you can earn income by writing for various blogs or even news sites in the country.

7. Online Surveys and Polls

There are companies that seek real responses on polls and spend money to conduct surveys. Most of them take a short time and are uploaded on various platforms such as Geopoll and Streetbees.

Once you complete the survey, you are paid with cash, vouchers or in form of airtime. Geopoll, for instance, can pay you for a task that needs photographs, which are easy to take using your phone.

8. Telephone Respondent

Many companies strive to have an effective service and the only way to assess this is by getting responses from the ground. Away from online communications on social media channels, you can take up a telephone assistant’s job for the entity.

Larger firms contract telephones service providers but smaller companies have a headache of unanswered calls. You could go take up the role.

9. Professional Video Gaming

If you are a computer games lover, you can make money from the craze. Decide to become an electronic gaming pro and platforms such as Twitch will help you earn for it.

Twitch is not just for video gaming, but also attract online spectators who basically are your audience from which you can earn.

Gaming fanatics through platforms such as Twitch stream their contests and attracts sponsorships in addition to monetary prizes.

10. Data Entry

Mostly, this entails copying and transferring content from one source to another. These are mostly offered as part-time or full-time jobs and can earn you some extra income. All you need to have is good English understanding and typing skills.

Filling forms to be paid by an organization ain’t that tedious more so when you are willing to take up and understand the job.

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