104-Year Old Granny Who Walks 710 Km to Uganda Annually

Meet 104-year old granny who walks 710 km to Uganda annually.She is from Machakos county and claims that she walks over 700 kilometers from her home to Namugungo shrine in Uganda.

Jeremana Muthikwa allegedly makes this journey on an annual basis, starting at the beginning of May spending approximately one month on the road.

She heads to the shrine to celebrate the martyr’s day that is usually on June 3 of every year.

Muthikwa does not make the journey alone as she is usually accompanied by other faithful from different churches in the country.

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“It has been a tasking journey but I do it out of fa  ith. Despite my age, I made a commitment to be walking to Uganda every year for Martyrs Day,” she stated.

On Thursday, the granny, accompanied by 100 other believers from Machakos parish, arrived at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Nakuru after a grueling 224-kilometer journey on foot.

“I feel a bit tired but I had a whole night’s rest. I will continue with the journey without boarding any vehicle as I have done in previous years,” Muthikwa claimed as they prepared for the remainder of the journey.

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She revealed that on her first attempt, she used to walk with a stoop until she met some men who offered her a walking stick which she carries around.

“I carry it as a reminder of where I began, although I no longer use it. Apart from strengthening my faith, this journey has made me fit and I can now walk unassisted,” she added.

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The group is set to cover another 485 kilometers from Nakuru to Namugongo through the Kenya-Uganda border at Busia.

The pilgrims were supposed to make 33 stops along the way and will be hosted by various churches.

Father Simon Githara, the Holy Trinity Milimani Parish priest, led the pilgrims in prayers on Friday morning before they started their journey.

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