11 Kenyans Shot Dead

On Monday, 11 Kenyans were shot dead after bbeing duped to attend a peace meeting.

It is alleged that Ethiopian bandits crossed into Kenya and terrorized residents of Folore village 200 kilometres from Marsabit town and stole camels.


The area Chief Mamo Honicha told Hakikapost that the 11 killed were young men who were responding to an invite to a peace meeting after the robbery, which turned into a trap as they were ambushed on the way.

One survivor reported that they were surrounded by more than 100 bandits who lined the young men up and executed them one by one.

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He disclosed that the attackers were wearing uniform belonging to Ethiopian authorities.

The local administrator attributed the escalated dispute to a struggle to control pasture and watering points in the area.

Leaders from the area constituted a peace committee which was sent to Ethiopia to try and iron out the differences.

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This happened just a day after a group of heavily armed Al Shabaab militia reportedly raided Hareri Hosle village, Khalalio, in Mandera in the early hours of Sunday morning.

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