Apartment Parking Sinks Burying Vehicle

On Wednesday in Ruaka, an apartment parking sunk burying a vehicle.

The residents woke up to a shocking incident after the parking lot of Graffons apartment on lane 26 sunk, partially burying a vehicle.

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Photos seen by Hakikapost.com show a vehicle in the rubble after the ground sunk while another vehicle is seen on the edge of the cliff, struggling to keep its balance.

According to a resident who spoke to this writer, the wall collapsed at 2:30 am.

Reports indicated that a neighbor had been constructing, hence, dug up huge foundations without proper reinforcements.

It is alleged that last night’s rain swept away a chunk of the perimeter wall hence sinking a vehicle. The pillars were left exposed compromising the structural integrity of the building.

Reports indicated that there are no casualties following the incident.

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The owner of the building, together with city inspectors and the contractor arrived at the site to assess the situation.

Some residents have already made plans to move out of the building as a precautionary measure. The National Construction Authority has also asked all the residents to vacate the premises.

Deputy County Commissioner Kiambaa sub-county, Peter Gicheha disputed that there was negligence by the contractors adding that some technical problems developed.

“The contractors have gone back to the site and are planning to secure the other building,” he noted.

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