CBK Governor Defends Kenyatta’s Sculpture on Banknotes

On Monday Patrick Njoroge, CBK governor defends Kenyatta’s sculpture on new banknotes. He defended the organisation’s choice of a sculpture of Jomo Kenyatta at Kenyatta International Conference Center on the new banknotes following outrage.

Many Kenyans had been disappointed by the new notes since they contained the statue of Kenya’s founding president.

They argued that the constitution had outlawed the portrait of any of Kenya’s presidents from being printed on the notes.

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Speaking over the matter, Njoroge dismissed the opposers explaining that they missed the point and that the focus was supposed to be the KICC building itself.

He further explained that the new features were unique and that they could make it easier for visually impaired citizens to use the currency.

“I have been informed of a legal challenge that has just been filed. We are going to deal with such issues as a matter of priority,” explained the governor.

Besides the iconic KICC building, the new notes contain images of the big five animals in the country.

Activist Okiya Omtatah, on Monday, went to court challenging the new banknotes that were rolled out during the Madaraka Day celebrations arguing that they were illegal.

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The activist argued that the sculpture of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta violated the constitution and that the order to erase all Ksh1000 notes by October 1 was also illegal.

He argued that both the new and old notes of all denominations were supposed to run concurrently until such a time that they (old notes) are no longer in circulation.

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