Children in Flooded Classrooms Enrage Kenyans

Viral images of children in flooded classrooms in Mangororo Primary School in Ganze Kilifi County has caught the attention of Kenyans.

The images, which were widely shared online on Thursday morning, showed the sorry state that the pupils have to endure in their quest for knowledge.

According to the pictures, the pupils appear helpless as they sit on stones in a pool of dirty rainwater since the class has no chairs.

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Notably, the classroom is mud-walled with its protruding rafters feebly holding together.

Interestingly, area MP Teddy Mwambire issued a statement thanking Kenyans for highlighting the plight of the school.

He acknowledged that the condition of the institution was horrible stating that the situation was worse in other schools.

Nonetheless, he blamed his predecessor and lack of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) allocations for the financial year 2018/2019.

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On the other hand, social media users who reacted to the photo wondered if the region had responsible leaders noting that the county was recently allocated Ksh200 million for the construction of the deputy governor’s residence.

Furthermore, Kenyans could not understand why the government was so keen on development projects like the affordable housing and school digitization programme instead of focusing on the basics, like building proper classrooms.

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