Chips, Pizza Among Foods Contributing to Low Sperm Count

New study ranks chips, pizza among foods contributing to low sperm count in men today.

As a man, how much do you love your fries and burgers? A recent study suggests that the love for such just might be the reason you are struggling in the bedroom department. The study conducted by researchers and presented at the 2019 annual meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology in Vienna found that men who lived for high fat foods create some serious ramifications on their sperm count.

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According to the findings, plummeting sperm count was directly related to overly consuming junk food. But what exactly is junk food? The term has been so loosely used these days it is hard to pin point the “guilty” diet. Well, according to researchers, the likes of French fries, Burgers, pizza and high energy drinks all make the cut in the dreaded list. All these foods not only did harm to the sperm count, they were also found to affect the quality of a men’s semen in the long run.

Similarly, a prudent eating pattern was also found to be directly related to a healthy sperm count. Diet consisting white meat (chicken and fish), vegetables, fruits and lots of water were associated with higher sperm count.

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“Our findings support the growing evidence that adhering to generally healthy diet patterns, including local variations, is associated to higher sperm counts and more favorable markers of sperm function,” the researchers noted. Doctors usually consider one to have low sperm count when there are fewer than 15 million sperm per milliliter. The standard should typically be 39 million sperm for every discharge. The most affected people from these lifestyle woes include westerners whose diet is predominantly junk food.

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