Okari Responds to Abandoning Betty Kyalo’s Child

NTV news anchor Dennis Okari has responded to abandoning Betty Kyalo’s child.

Kenyans interpreted a comment made by Betty about the child to mean that Okari wasn’t contributing to raising their daughter.

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”…I’m all my daughter has,” read part of Betty’s comment on social media.

Okari said that he was concerned about all the information that is published about his private life by people who do not know the truth.

“The question about me being a deadbeat is what has been said or what has been written, but a lot of it is not true. One day you will come to know about these things,” he stated.

He added that his close friends also get concerned about the rumors that are spread about him.

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As a media personality, people are constantly interested in his private life. It is in such an environment that gossip thrives.

The NTV news presenter is therefore careful about how he lets the grapevine affect his life.

“I choose what I take because people may troll you out of jealousy while others may mean well and they want you to improve on what they are criticizing you about.

“I take the positive ones seriously and that has helped me improve so much in life because I am not perfect,” he disclosed.

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