Desperate Graduate Becomes Watchman at Former High School

A desperate graduate becomes watchman at former high school RCEA Kuinet, Uasin Gishu County, due to a fruitless job hunt.

The devasted Ernest Maiki Kipchumba, who holds a Bachelor in Statistics from University of Eldoret, has been jobless since he graduated from his former University, living from hand to mouth with dim hopes of a better tomorrow.

“As for me, never at any point in my life did I picture myself in this position, I have desperately done all I can in vain, which is when I let life take its course,” lamented Ernest.

While speaking, one of Earnest’s former high school teachers, revealed that he was a hardworking student who was a learner by day and a watchman by night, and despite his side hustle, he still managed to score a B+ in his KCSE.

“As a teacher, I feel like my efforts were wasted”, complained one of Ernest former teachers.

His meager income as a security guard caters for a single house in Kuinet area at the same time supports his siblings and his ailing mother.

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According to Earnest, he made several job applications to the country’s top-notch organizations without any luck. This turn of events made him realize why frustrated youth engage in criminal activity.

Another victim of unemployment is Cynthia Jepkoech Rotich, a dejected lady whose future is anchored on depression and uncertainty.

The desolate graduate from Moi University, who pursued Anthropology, has been doing manual jobs for survival thus requested the government to come to her aid.

To add to her misery, Higher Loans Education Board (HELB) has been demanding for Ksh5,000 from her monthly and has even gone ahead to list her on the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB), which has continually prevented her from getting any loans from money lending institutions.

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According to her, all the jobs she has been shortlisted for ask for her HELB clearance, which she hasn’t acquired.

The two graduates are among the many who have opted for other income options due to lack of jobs.

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