Drama as 2 Senior Police Officers Fight in Bar

Police officers in Bomet are investigating an incident in which 2 senior police officers fight in bar and nearly shot each other.

The two, a DCIO and an OCS, had been drinking together before they disagreed.

It was not immediately clear what the two officers differed over but a heated argument ensued before they drew their guns.

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It was claimed that they threatened to shoot each other with other revelers opting to stay out of the argument of the visibly drunk officers.

Bomet County Police Commander Naomi Ichami confirmed the incident, however, she claimed that only one drunk officer was armed and the other was just trying to disarm him.

The bartenders, though, contradicted the police boss as they insisted that both officers were drunk and armed.

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This comes after a junior police officer was arraigned in court and detained after he allegedly shot and killed his senior in Maralal, Samburu County.

The officer is reported to have been enraged after his boss transferred him from a construction site he had been manning.

Samburu County Police Commander Karanja Muiruri revealed that the officer stormed into the camp and opened fire killing his boss instantly.

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