Dressing for Slim Figures

If you have a slim figure, it might be harder than you think to know what kind of clothes best suit your shape. Most people in the fashion industry have the notion that slim bodies appear better in any outfit. This have brought the idea that everyone out there would like to be skinny, just to look like the supermodels on runway. Although many outfits may look good on you, there are various important items any slim woman should invest in, while avoiding others.

Most women, tall, short, fat, slim have a problem deciding on what to where for any occasion. They so take too much time on the mirror, trying many clothes on their closet. There being many platforms advising on other body types, people with slim bodies have little fashion tips for their figures. Please have a look on fashion tips for slim ladies.

The right cut.

It is the goal of every slim lady to focus on creating both curves and volume when fashioning their attire. Make curves where you need them and add balanced weight to the entire look. Can wear bigger cuts to make you look wider, very close cuts, or a light hugging dress.

Sleeves and necklines.

Are you after hiding your arm? Go for shirts with volume sleeve to create a wider look and to balance your silhouette. Wear long sleeve tops with prints to disguise thin upper arms. You can also wear batwing sleeves to add some additional shape.

Invest in bright shoes, trousers or skirts to draw attention from the upper half of your body. You can tuck in your shirts to make your hips look wider, making your legs look better too. You can hide your arm pairing a long sleeve top with a waterfall blazer or a bomber jacket.


Go for shirts and dresses with heavy prints and colors to fill out the bust area. Consider details like pleats, twists, ruffles, or knots at the bodice. If you have a flat bust, go for dresses with jewels or a bow near the collar area to help out your bust. Avoid very deep cleavage such as V-neckline and play fairly with the chest.

Layering also creates dimension around the bust area. Play with all details, prints, colors and layers accordingly, but avoid exaggeration.

Trousers and skirts.

A low rise I good for creating a curvy silhouette when it comes to trousers. Boot-cut trousers or flared pants make your bottoms round, giving your body extra shape and dimension. Go for trousers that are tight-fitting but flare out at the ankles from the knees down.

Avoid extra wide-leg trousers as thy make your legs look lost. Skinnies and extra-fitted pants make you look skinnier. Instead, go for a slim straight or cigarette pant.

As for skirts and dresses, go for clothes that are round from your waist down.  Asymmetrical, pencil skirts that taper at the knees enhance your hips. Use belts, pleats, coats and tights to achieve the best appearance possible.

Peplum design never disappoints with skinny ladies. It gives the body more definition by creating the illusion of a fuller figure. Try out a peplum dress, top or blazer which flares around the waist line. For dresses and tops, wear ones with horizontal stripes. This plays with people’s minds by creating an illusion that you are broader.

If you wish for a mini, try out flares skirts, bubble skirts and A-line skirts. Have at least four inches above your knees and let it be fitting.  Thin, petite figures should avoid super-maxis, oversized skits or trousers. These will only make you look smaller and shorter.

You can have a look at style inspirations from campaigns, street fashion and celebrities that are best known for their slim figure, well put together and making the most of their slender bodies.

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