Drug-Resistant Cholera Strain in Kenya

KEMRI has discovered a drug-resistant strain of Cholera in Kenya for the first time.

According to research findings by the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI), the Cholera strain is drug resistant and is very different from others reported in Africa.

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Cholera is a bacterial disease spread through contaminated water and often causes severe diarrhea and dehydration.

In March, the County Government of Nairobi issued an alert warning of a cholera outbreak in the city.

Areas placed on high alert included Donholm, Nyayo Estate, Tassia, Avenue 1-3, Pipeline, South B and their surrounding areas.

Through a letter dated March 21, Nairobi County Director of Health Lucina Koyio advised all county medical superintendents that the outbreak was spreading fast in all sub-counties in the city.
As a result, the letter cautioned residents to avoid roadside eateries and maintain the highest level of hygiene.

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Nairobi hospitals were also advised to activate their cholera wings to accommodate the expected increase in cases over the disease.

In April, it is reported that members of staff at The Nairobi hospital’s catering department contracted the disease following the outbreak and were admitted at the facility.

Unfortunately, one member of the staff succumbed to Cholera.

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It is reported that at least 23 cases of cholera had been reported at the hospital during the month of April.

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