Election Losers To Attend Swearing-in of Winners

President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday signed into law a bill that will require election losers to attend swearing-in of winners. This particularly goes to county Governors.

The new bill, titled Ascension to Power of County Governors, was tabled before the Senate last year by Kiambu senator, Kimani Wamatangi.

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The Bill provides the procedure and ceremony for the assumption of the office of the Governor by a governor-elect.

Previously, there was no legal framework governing the assumption of the office of the Governor.

Handover ceremonies were usually a political affair with no real guidance.

The law also states that the governor-elect and his deputy shall take oaths not earlier than 10:00 AM and not later than 2:00 PM.

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The governor who lost the election is also required to hand over to the governor-elect county symbols of authority. These are the county flag; the Constitution and the county public seal.

The handover ceremony will not happen if an incumbent governor is re-elected or the outgoing governor cannot make it to the ceremony.

A good example is the case of Nyeri County, where the former governor passed away in the office.

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