Esther Passaris to Give TV Sets to Nairobians

On Friday, Nairobi Women Representative, Esther Passaris promised to give TV sets to Nairobi youth in the spirit of entrepreneurship.

She cited that she would be issuing free 50 inch smart TVs, decoders paid for five months, a cage to secure the TV and 50 chairs in each of the 85 wards in Nairobi, with which the youth would use to create business opportunities.

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“For example, if the youth charge Ksh 10 for 50 people to come and watch the TV, they will have Ksh 500,” she stated.

Speaking to, Passaris added that the youth would, in turn, pay the rent for the hall and make a monthly contribution to an association which would help the ward buy more TV sets.

“They have to learn how to be disciplined and make money,” she noted.

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In doing this, the Women Representative noted that job opportunities would be created to the youth in Nairobi. “We want to teach them how to become entrepreneurs and how to seat and talk to each other,” she stated.

She also noted that the interested youth would need to be registered in a CPO group, be 20 years of age and above, have an ID and bank account registered for more than three months.

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The MP cited that in due time, she would come up with businesses like salons, call centers and laundry places for business purposes.

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