Gang Abducts 7-Year-Old From Posh City Estate

Special Crime Prevention Unit Investigators (SPCU) were baffled at how a well-organized gang abducted 7-year old, a class one pupil from his posh Loresho Crescent home.

In a detailed report by the unit, a white saloon car said to have been used in the kidnapping was not checked at the security entrance. The guard from Hatari Security Services did not interrogate the occupants nor note down the vehicle registration details as expected.

The vehicle was then driven to a house number 226 on Loresho Close, where middle-aged woman accompanied by a seven-year-old boy, alighted and rang the bell at the house, while the driver, a man, waited patiently in the vehicle.

The woman then tricked the unsuspecting house girl, Ms Leah Muhonya, who opened the door, to release the kidnapped child, Master Ochieng Simbili, a class one pupil at the International School of Kenya, explaining that the boy’s parents had allowed her to take the child for an out and return him later.

The detectives confiscated the house girl’s phone, as they seek to unravel why she released the child to a stranger without speaking with the parents.

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They are also trying to establish whether the maid was duped by the conniving woman or if she was part of the well-planned kidnap plan.

The conniving woman is now being traced by the police after the kidnappers demanded Ksh3 million ransom from the father David Sambili. The phone call was traced to Kawangware, although police suspect that the boy is being held in a different location.

On Tuesday, the SPCU team, headed by Corporal Daniel Sambili, met at DCI headquarters in Kiambu road to discuss on how to track down the suspects. All vehicles that were captured entering the residence were identified with details of the owners already established in a bid to find the missing boy.

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Police have been successful tracking down and reprimanding suspects in a number of kidnapping stories.

In October 2018, police rescued a five-year-old boy who had been kidnapped for a month. Master Alvin Kwere was kidnapped on October 7 from Starehe estate in Thika town and was held hostage in a church compound. Detectives shot dead one of the kidnappers during the rescue operation.

In another case in 2013, twin sisters Ahwal Kaul Mahjan and Abhita Kaur Mahjan, 14, were rescued unharmed from a hideout in Upper Matasia, Ngong, after being held hostage for 11 days. Detectives from the Flying Squad Unit arrested nine suspects, including an interdicted AP officer as they awaited Ksh20 million ransom.

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