Haunted by 7 Abortions

Haunted by 7 abortions, Martha Anne Bwore gathered all her strength as she gave her heartwrenching story, in the hope that it would at least help change a single life.

It takes a lot of strength and courage to relive one’s dark past, especially when the matter in question, touches on the deepest part of one’s heart.

Young, naive and a thousand miles away from home, Martha’s experience in India as a student, shaped the woman that she is today.

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Coming from a highly protective family, she was easily swept into the fast life of partying, alcohol and sex, leading up to her first pregnancy.

However, she lost the baby via a spontaneous abortion, which is the loss of a pregnancy without outside intervention that happens before 20 weeks.

Her second abortion was voluntary, as she felt that her boyfriend wasn’t ready to take up the responsibility of starting a family.

“I did it for these guys, I thought I was doing it for their love, I thought it’d make them love me more, but they still left me, we didn’t end up together,” a remorseful Martha narrated.

This sad cycle happened over and over again, with reasons for the abortions ranging from an ectopic pregnancy (when a pregnancy grows outside of the uterus, usually in the fallopian tube), to a boyfriend skipping town once he learned of the pregnancy.

After her seventh abortion, Martha fell into serious depression, spending countless days and nights crying as well as haunted by ghosts from her past.

“I started to go through depression, I used to dream of babies crying,” a sombre Martha disclosed.

“You actually remember all their birthdays. You don’t tell anyone, but you actually hear all their cries and picture how old they’d be. If pillows could talk, they’d tell tales of countless tears,” she added.

She went on to reveal that by God’s grace, she enrolled at a post-abortion counselling centre, where she was able to find not only God, by herself again.

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“I went to post-abortion counselling which set me on my way to recovery. It’s a process because those ghosts keep coming and going,” she disclosed.

Martha, in a bid to exorcise the ghosts from her past life, held memorial ceremonies for all her babies.

“In the end, I actually got birth certificates for each of the children, including the various dates they’d have been born and actually held mock funerals,” she divulged.

The born-again Christian is currently blessed with two children and has dedicated her life to helping young girls steer clear off the path she took, with a strong emphasis that abortion is not a family planning tool.

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