How Judges Collude With Drug Cartels

The Judiciary has once again been thrust into the spotlight after a report emerged exposing how allegedly some judges collude with drug cartels who target school going children.

 Reports have it that the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) revealed that the judges in question were approached by the cartels who offered them mouthwatering deals in exchange for lenient rulings.

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The report, which allegedly contains months of research and investigations further revealed that the cartels have a working partnership with police officers that enables them to evade arrests.

“Drug traffickers using proxies have worked their tentacles into some state agencies responsible for battling the vice.

“A dozen court officials are currently under the close scrutiny of investigative agencies over close links to known narcotics traffickers,” the newspaper quoted a part of the report.

The report further showed that the drug cartels target school going children both directly and by the use of their proxies.

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The judges reportedly aided the drug barons by offering bail terms to the cartels that they could comfortably repay in days and still run their businesses without interruptions.

The report further disclosed that Kenya is the host of numerous drug lords mostly from Iran and India and purchase drugs, mostly heroin, from Afghani farmers at extremely low prices.

“The groups have established a network that recruits vulnerable individuals in the region to smuggle narcotics to Europe, Asia, and some African countries,” continued the report.

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Our attempts to get a comment from the DCI were futile as our numerous phone calls and messages went unanswered.

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