How to write articles in few easy steps

Many people have questions on how to write articles. Is writing a gift or a calling or is it a skill that you can acquire? Not many people can testify that they can write effortlessly. In fact, some worry about not capturing the content as required. Also, having to revise or rewrite an article can be a bit tasking. But as we encourage the fears in our head, people are making good money from writing articles. So, how can you step up your writing and tap into the gains associated with it? You need to cast all your worries aside and focus on two things; how to capture your readers’ attention and make them yearn for more. Follow the guide below on how to write an article excellently.

How do you summarize the thoughts in your head into an article that can accurately pass the intended message to the reader? You have to consider some factors listed below on tips on how to write an article.

How to write an SEO article

The primary way you can generate traffic and get paid to write articles is through Search Engine Optimization writing. SEO optimization helps your article appear on popular search engines like Google. As such, you will be able to attract more readers. The only way you will retain high rankings and readers is by developing good content on topics people search. So, if you think you can write articles for money here is a simple article writing guide to get you started.

Article writing tips on how to write high quality articles.

  1. Know the goal of your article

As you familiarize yourself with writing, you will notice that there are different types of articles. Some of the popular ones include how-to/guide articles, opinion pieces, and creative articles. In the case of a how-to article, your goal is to accurately breakdown information in the easiest way possible so that your reader may benefit/learn from it. So, before you begin writing, always write down your end goal. Then, build your content around your end goal.

  1. Focus on the needs of your target audience

Try walking in the shoes of the reader and imagine what you would like to get from a particular article. The best way is to list all possible questions that your target audience would have when reading the article. Then, plan how you will tackle each of the possible questions in your article.

  1. Research

You will notice that you will not have all the answers your reader needs. As such, it is essential to research on the topic you are writing about in your blog/article.

  1. Find the keywords

In SEO writing, you have to consider the keywords or key phrases to include in your article. Generally, these are phrases people are more likely to use when searching for information on the topic. You can find keyword suggestions on Google.

Your first instinct may be to make the sentence grammatically correct. But by doing this, you may reduce your ranking based on key phrases. Therefore, try to use the keywords as they are and make them fit into your context naturally.

  1. Rank the keywords

Try to list the key phrases beginning with the most searched to the least searched. Once you do this, you will be able to structure your article to cover what people look for on the internet. As a result, your article can rank high on search engines.

  1. Plan your article

The best way to write an article is to draft the main ideas first while keeping in mind the keywords. The significant parts of your article include.

Writing the title

In SEO or blog writing, your title has the power to generate traffic. Therefore, ensure that the title of your article is creative and draws the attention of your reader. Also, remember to incorporate the primary keyword in the title. Here are some on how to come up with creative titles.

Feed your reader’s hunger

A lot of the time, the reader is looking for specific information. So, structure your main heading in such a way that it meets the reader’s need and grabs their attention. But, make sure your title is not misleading.

Offer a valuable/sustainable solution

Let your title help your readers in their search for useful answers to their problem.

You can also use numbers and questions when writing your title. While you do this, be careful not to give out too much information. Remember, it is the element of suspense that will make the reader click on your article.

The introduction/lead paragraph

Your introduction is the other attention grabber. With the right opening paragraph, your article becomes structured and easy to read. Here are four ways to you can draw your reader’s attention in the introduction.

  1. Use an anecdote

You can use a short story related to your topic as an opening paragraph. For example, if you are writing about finding the right dress, you can always talk about your personal experience. But, make sure the story captures your main talking points. Also, make it short and detailed.

  1. Use facts/ statistics

Statistics/facts provide valuable information that could capture your audience’s attention

  1. Use quotes

Find a quote that relates to your main talking points and use it in your introduction

  1. Use a joke

Most of the times, people use jokes when beginning their presentations to engage the audience and draw their attention. The same principle can work with your articles, but in this case, creativity is vital. Once you have drafted your opening statement, introduce your main ideas. You can capture three primary talking points. But, do not say too much at this point.

The body of the article

Here, you will have to structure your main talking points in an order that is easy to understand and follow. As such, ensure that there is a smooth transition from one point or paragraph to the other. Also, your focus should be on providing a clear message to the reader. Therefore, while writing this section keep in mind the goal of the article.

Unlike with most articles, SEO writing requires that you have subheadings in your piece. So, while you plan the body of the article, list possible subtitles. You can also use some of the keywords as subheadings. The purpose of the sub-titles is to help the reader quickly understand your article.


Your conclusion should highlight your main ideas. Also, it can be a call for action. For better ranking, add the primary keyword to your end.

  1. Use hyperlinks to support points

When you are writing factual articles, it is essential to provide the sources of information. Also, you can hyperlink articles that tackle the same topic. But, only provide links to credible websites. You can find out more about a page by researching on sites such as Alexa that rank websites.

  1. Proofread your articles

It is essential to go through the whole article after you have finished drafting. If possible, read it aloud to see if it meets your goal. While at it, make sure you rectify any grammatical errors. Avoid editing your article while you are still writing as you end up wasting a lot of time. Instead, write down any additional points or thoughts that can help the article as you continue. When you finish the piece, you can choose what to keep. Lastly, check for plagiarism. Remember, article rankings also depend on quality.

  1. Make your article visible

Knowing how to write the best articles is just one step; if you want to earn from writing, you will have to make your work visible. You can do this by sharing links to your article on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). As you learn how to write online articles, always remember that clarity is the most important thing. Do not use “grand” vocabularies to prove that you are intelligent. Focus on providing an article that flows and is easy to read and interpret. No one wants to keep on referring to the dictionary to get what you are saying.

Now that you have the tips on how to write an article, hopefully, your perception about writing has changed. So, take the bold step and begin monetizing your writing skills.

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