Jeremiah Kiereini Passes on

The former Head of Civil Service and Secretary to the Cabinet, Jeremiah Kiereini has passed on.

Confirming the reports, sources close to the family divulged that he died at his home but withheld information regarding the cause of his death.

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The former public service boss who has died at the age of 90 was renowned for being the closest Kikuyu to president Moi at a period when the former president was allegedly cracking his whip on the Mount Kenya Mafia.

A self-published author, the city billionaire’s biography titled A Daunting Journey was a book of disclosures.

It was his sort of personal search for closure in which he told a story muted by fierce loyalties and unclear allegiances; a story told by a man who came of age in a time of upheavals and strict moral codes.

In a statement from State House, President Uhuru Kenyatta described the late public servant as a dedicated patriot.

In his message, the Uhuru described the late Kiereini as a towering reform-minded public servant who served his country with distinction.

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Adding that the late Kiereini remains an important part of Kenya’s public service history because of his many achievements key among them being the role he played in the modernization of the Kenyan military when he served as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Defense.

“Mr. Kereini was a polished patriot and loyal Kenyan who served this country with dedication as a public servant for over 30 years rising through the ranks to the position of Head of Public Service and Secretary to the Cabinet,” Uhuru divulged.

Uhuru also pointed out that the many reforms the late Kiereini initiated while at the helm of the civil service as the Head of the Public Service and Secretary to the Cabinet forms the foundation upon which current successes in the sector are being realised.

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“Indeed his sterling performance at the helm of the public service gave us the foundation upon which the successes we are witnessing in the sector today are anchored,” the President disclosed.

After retirement from the public service, Mr Kiereini transitioned into the private sector by being appointed Chairman of the Kenya Breweries Board (KBL) in 1988, a company he later transformed into the East African Breweries Limited.

The late Kiereini served on the boards of several companies including Unga Group Limited, CMC Holdings, CFC Stanbic, Heritage Insurance and CFC Life among others.

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