Kenyans Condemn Uhuru’s Congratulatory Message

On Friday Angry Kenyans condemned Uhuru’s congratulatory message to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for winning the seat for a second time.

In a statement, the president called his Indian counterpart a friend stating that by his win, the citizens of the country had shown him that they had deep trust in him.

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“I write, on behalf of the People and the Government of the Republic of Kenya, to congratulate you on your resounding re-election for a second term as the Prime Minister of the Republic of India, the world’s largest democracy.

“Your victory, Your Excellency, is a testament of the deep trust and confidence the people of India have in your leadership and ability to continue steering the country into a future of great progress and prosperity,” read the statement in part.

The president further stated that Kenya enjoyed a strong partnership with Modi’s government during the first term hoping that the bond would grow stronger during his second term.

“Kenya and India enjoy a strong bond of brotherhood anchored on shared interests, heritage and common desire for progress. The robust bilateral ties between our two Republics, Your Excellency, were strengthened even further in your first term in office, especially after your historic visit to Kenya in July 2016,” continued Uhuru.

Kenyans were, however, unimpressed with Uhuru’s tendency of sending out messages on behalf of the entire country asking him to leave them out.

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“Don’t write on my behalf… exclude me in that statement,” posted one user.

“I have rescinded my vote on Kenyatta, he should not purport to represent whatsoever. I will send my congrats on my page,” posted another.

Others even attacked the president for seeking loans, especially from China.

“Will this message help in settling the China loan surely? Pay loan first and others to follow,” posted Elijah Mukundi.

Below are screenshots of messages sent to Uhuru:

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