Kenyans Give Reasons Why Relationships Fail

Kenyans give reasons why relationships fail. Nowadays, love has turned into a bitter war between jilted lovers who either do not want to let go or simply do not want to face rejection.

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In the past, to love and be loved was what defined a relationship.However, modern couples tend to base their loyalty, happiness and emotions on money, material gain and popularity.

Social media has deprived people of privacy and the little joys that come with loving without showing off or having to prove a point.

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People want to look like they are happy instead of focusing on actually being happy. I conducted a research asking Kenyans why too many relationships nowadays do not work out and the answers were mind blowing

 First, some netizens thought the obvious evil was social media and blamed the tiny predator for wrecking many homes. Others thought pride has come in the way of respect and reconciliation.

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“Relationships do not work especially if they do not have God’s foundation in it. People just fall in love carelessly with anyone at any time,” Tanya Samantha Lawrence said.

A few people claimed lack of communication is a recipe for a failed relationship. “Ego, pride, lack of communication, impatience, anger issues and trust issues,” Maurene said.

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