Larry Madowo Eats Mouse From Street Vendor

Exploring cultures in the country of Malawi on Thursday, BBC Africa Business Editor Larry Madowo  ate a mouse from a street vendor.

While covering the elections in Malawi, the journalist and his crew took some time to interact with the local culture and stopped by the road to engage a hawker selling mice.

The mice were presented on wooden skewers, a replica of the familiar beef delicacy mshikaki. 

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Admitting it was his first time to try out the meal, Madowo noted, “I ate a mouse for the first time and it was, well, amazing!”

He was clear to state that is was mice, not rats, which are a delicacy to the Chewa of Central Malawi adding, “I will eat anything and I had to try these.

“They’re eaten whole with the skin and everything. It tastes just like chicken.”

According to Zambian Scholar, Mwizenge S. Tembo, the cooking of the mice is very simple.

“The mice are gutted, boiled in plain water for about half an hour and salted. They are then fire dried until they are nearly bone dry,” he noted.

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Compared to beef, chicken, or mutton, mice still remain by far the cheapest source of otherwise scarce and costly protein.

Mice are hunted during the dry season from April up to early November. Men and especially boys have the responsibility of hunting mice.

In many parts of Malawi, the rodents are a common delicacy and are openly sold in markets, stalls or roadside kiosks.

Kenyans online were not of the die of making mice a delicacy, with one netien declaring, “Please dont drag our chickens here.”

“After that you kissed somebody’s daughter. Women go through alot,” another stated.

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