Lawyer Battered In Court By Ekeza Sacco Members

On Thursday, lawyer Samuel Mburu was battered by members of the Ekeza Sacco on his way out of Milimani court. The members claiming they did not hire him nor offer him any instructions to represent them. They said that he was there on a different agenda.

Another lawyer, Duncan Okatch, was also at the scene and claimed he was acting on behalf of the Sacco members who are accusing controversial Bishop David Gakuyo of swindling their hard-earned money.

The events led to a fracas that caught the attention of court orderlies who came to the rescue of the lawyer.

The agitated members maintained that under no circumstances would someone that they do not know represent them in the sensitive case.

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Further review of the matter at the scene revealed that the different lawyers were representing different parties of the Sacco.

While Okatch was there allegedly to represent the Interim Board members, Mburu came in to stand for another group, the details of which weren’t clear.

Lawyer Okatch requested the court to set aside earlier orders issued on Wednesday since they barred the Sacco’s interim officials from operating in their offices until the case filed by 11 members was concluded.

The lawyer lamented that the orders were issued while he, as the defense counsel was absent. The court directed that the issue for representation be discussed further.

Magistrate Orenge directed that Ekeza Sacco files a formal application if it was aggrieved by the initial Orders.

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Following a case filed by 11 members, the court barred the State from taking over the management of the Sacco.

The government, through Commissioner Mary Mwangi intended to install a new management committee for the Sacco.

“The management of the Sacco is about to be overturned whimsically by the Commissioner, thus leaving its affairs in an uncertain state and open to loss and plunder,” the members argued.

The case will be heard on March 22.

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