Man Who Stabbed Himself Accidentally Fighting for Wife

On the night of May 4 and 5, Peter Gitau is reported to have stabbed himself accidentally fighting for wife.

He stabbed himself in the stomach after a heated argument with his friend, Gidraph Mwangi over who had the most beautiful wife.
According to police reports, Mwangi had asked Gitau and another friend of his to join him for drinks at his residence in Mugunda within Mowlem area.

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The 45-year-old man had apparently bought a lot of chang’aa and felt that he could not finish alone.
As they drunk the night away, the other friend in their company left and Mwangi and Gitau started quarrelling over whose wife was prettier.
When Mwangi insisted that his wife’s beauty could not be matched, Gitau picked up a knife but accidentally fell and stabbed himself on the stomach.
Mwangi, who is now being treated as a suspect by the police, is said to have tried to contain the profuse bleeding in vain and later dragged the body out of his house.
Members of the public alerted the police after they found Gitau’s body in a pool of blood, holding a handkerchief to his chest and Mwangi was arrested.

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Appearing before senior principal magistrate Angelo Kithinji, the suspect denied manslaughter charges and pleaded for lenient bond terms.
He was released on a bond of Ksh300,000.
The case will be heard on September 9.

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