Meet Street Kid Who Rose to Become Pilot

Michael Mwangi’s is a street kid who rose to become a pilot. His father died in 2002 and his family was disinherited by greedy relatives who pushed his mother, sister and himself to the streets of Nairobi.

With nowhere to turn to, they joined the many street families who live hand to mouth.

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A lot of times, they had to deal with the older boys trying to take their sleeping spot.

At the age of 10, he was rescued from the streets by Fredrick Mwaura, a social worker at Joy Divine Children Orphanage.

By that time, he was already immersed into the world of drug abuse which he explained was necessitated by the hard life.

“Life is tough in the streets and at times you can’t survive without using drugs. We used glue because in a way it numbs your nerves so you won’t feel pain,” he narrated.

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Mwaura stated that the newly admitted child was special the moment he met him.

Within no time, he took up responsibilities at the center and when he was enrolled in school, he went on to become a class prefect and excelled in academics.

Mwaura stated that looking back, rehabilitating Michael was worth the effort and wait.

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“I thank god for the long hours and the many sleepless nights and just seeing that it was worth it.

Michael also noted the role played by Mwaura in mentoring him as his father figure.

He now operates small aircraft and helicopters for an airline in the city and has his social worker to thank for giving him a chance to be better.

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