Meru Level Five Hospital Performs Ground -Breaking Surgery

The Meru Level five hospital performed ground-breaking surgery. On Wednesday the hospital made history in Kenya by performing a special kind of surgery commonly referred to as minimal access surgery, Laparoscopy or Keyhole surgery.

The surgery is one of a kind in the country because of it enables a general surgeon or a gynecologist to make a small cut on a patients abdomen inserting a camera that he/she uses to view the internal organs to spot the affected area so as to only deal with the specific area.

The hospital became among the first to perform this kind of surgery that is said to have brought quality services closer to the common Citizen.

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Minimal access surgery just as the name suggests is recorded to have several advantages over the usual traditional surgery in that, the recovery time is shorter. A patient only required a maximum of two days to heal as opposed to open surgeries that require weeks to completely heal.

In addition, blood loss is minimal thus putting the patient at a lesser risk of severe blood loss.

The surgery also ensures minimal scarring that is good news to patients who need surgical treatment.

The revolutionary step ensured that the cost implications for the patient and even the hospital were at the very minimal.

The hospital purchased state of the art equipment that ensured the keyhole surgery process affordable.

The hospital that has procured the state of the art equipment that facilitated the first case of the surgery on four ladies who were able to access the expensive surgeries.

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According to Dr. Mugo who is based at the hospital, the ladies were able to access the services locally without having to travel to Nairobi.

“We also have the surgical team,the main surgeon, Dr. Nyaga, who is assisting, Dr. Lee from Korea who has been good enough to aassit us. We have just finished the first case and one of the things we always do to our patients when we are seeing them in our gynacological or surgical patient clinics is to encourage them to subscribe to National Health Insurance Fund(NHIF),” encouraged Mugo.


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