Mike Sonko Pays Ksh4.3M Cash for Necklaces

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko pays Ksh4.3M cash for necklaces. Sonko is the definition of scooping life with a golden spoon.

In a video seen by hakikapost.com, the flamboyant governor is seen sampling a number of high-end jewellery at a store in Dubai and getting two necklaces, one for himself and another for his wife, Primrose Mbuvi Sonko.

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Sonko then proceeds to pay the money at the stores counter in dollars while revealing to the shop’s attendant that he is a fan of both gold and the Versace brand.

“I want big chains ingrained with diamond. Big chains are good. I am a fan of gold and Versace,” Sonko states.

The attendant further boasted to the governor that he was getting value for his money especially since the products he was about to purchase could not be acquired anywhere else.

“You haven’t bought from us before. The neckpiece you have just purchased from our store is very unique, you won’t find a similar piece of art in any other store,” the seller told the governor.

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A source close to hakikapost.com exclusively intimated that it was not the first time the governor was purchasing high-end classy jewelry from Dubai and has been doing so since 2009 even before he became a Member of Parliament for Makadara constituency.

Recently the flamboyant Governor was spotted donning a pair of Versace loafers believed to be worth over Ksh 50,000.

When serving as Makadara MP in 2010, he was once thrown out of the National Assembly by the then Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim for wearing diamond earrings and golden glasses which was said to be in contravention of standing orders.

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