Moi at Risk of Losing Prime Land

Former President Daniel Moi is at risk of losing prime land in Bomet County after leaders vowed to repossess it.

Led by Bomet Central MP Ronald Tonui, they accused Moi of clinging to land that has been idle for over 20 years, arguing that it has been earmarked for construction of a hospital.

The land had been allocated to the former head of state by the defunct local government as a show of appreciation. The land was later used to set up a Kanu Party office.

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“We are going to take back this land… We are going to sit with the county officials so that they initiate the process of repossessing it,” Tunoi vowed.

An officer from the Ministry of Lands told that idle land can be used by the government for the public benefit.

Kanu Secretary General Nick Salat confirmed that Moi holds the title deed of the land and warned leaders against attempting to repossess it.

He added that Moi’s family was ready to relinquish the piece only if due process was followed.

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“If they are serious about the issue they should follow the due process rather than resorting to mob justice,” Salat said.

Bomet Land CEC Daisy Rono, who did not know that the land belonged to Moi, stated that she would follow up the matter.

She disclosed that three other people claimed to have allotment letters for the same piece of land.

On May 16, Moi was ordered to pay Ksh1 billion for land he was accused of grabbing in Eldoret town. He, however, appealed the judge’s decision at the Court of Appeal.

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