Molo MP Francis Kuria Involved in Horrific Road Crash

On Friday Molo Member of the National Assembly Francis Kuria was involved in a horrific road crash along Nairobi-Nakuru Highway.

According to reports, there were three occupants in the Toyota Landcruiser but no one was reportedly harmed.

Through his Facebook page, Kuria thanked God for letting him survive the accident while he was on his way to Molo.

He further revealed that it was a case of hit and run as his car was rammed from behind.

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“God saves. And He has saved me. He has saved us. This morning on my way to Molo we got involved in a road accident. Someone hit us from the back and sped away.

“My driver and security all fine. So am I. Again thank you God for saving us,” he stated.

The highway has been notorious of the rampant deadly accidents that have donned it and was once ranked among the world’s deadliest roads.

In February, a public service bus collided head-on with a trailer at Kapmakaa area in Chepsir at around 6pm along the same highway claiming nine lives.

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Witnesses’ accounts claimed that the tanker veered off from its lane resulting in a head-on collision.

Confirming the incident at the time, Kericho OCPD Justus Kitetu revealed that the truck was transporting gas from Kisumu to Nairobi.

In March, another 11 people lost their lives near Gilgil town on the same highway.


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The five men and six women who were traveling in a matatu died after a trailer rammed into their vehicle while they were heading to Nakuru from Nairobi.

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