Murkomen’s Conversation With Ruto on Alleged Murder Plot

Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen has disclosed details of his conversation with Ruto on alleged murder plot.

Murkomen was speaking during an interview with Citizen TV‘s Jeff Koinange where the JKLive host asked whether the legislator had spoken to the DP about the saga.

“You spoke to him today? Was he worried, was he concerned?” Jeff posed.

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Murkomen explained that he had met Ruto during a meeting to discuss the Division of Revenue Allocations Bill where he tried engaging the DP on the unfolding story.

“When I asked him, what is this story that you’re being sought by DCI and so forth, he said ‘no no no those are other issues’ you know the way he usually does,” Murkomen told Jeff while trying to imitate DP Ruto.

“I am now of age, I’m above 40 years so I still saw that his body language is that of a person who is concerned,” the senator continued.

The reason Murkomen thought the DP appeared concerned is that, he doesn’t know Ruto to be a person who would shy away from addressing issues, but he (Ruto) didn’t want to talk about that particular one.

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“Even when we usually complain about Jubilee problems, you see him come in public and say ‘me and the president will sort out that issue’ but on this one, I can see some level of concern,” the Elgeyo Marakwet Senator recalled.

“I also saw his convoy when he left his office, it looked like it was enhanced and so I asked one of the security guys, ‘there’s another extra car, two or so here and people I’ve never seen before’ and he told me that some work had been done,” Mukomen narrated.

After the alleged assassination plot was reported, the security of DP Ruto has since been upgraded.

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