Nairobi’s Cleanliness Earns Sonko an Award

Nairobi’s cleanliness earns Sonko an award from UN-Habitat top officials. The Governor has transformed the capital city in terms of the environmental makeover.

Speaking at the UN-Habitat headquarters in Nairobi, the UN-Habitat Assistant Secretary and Deputy Executive, Victor Kisob praised the governor’s administration for tackling environmental challenges that have been troubling the city.

Kisob cited that Nairobi was emerging as one of the best cities in Africa in terms of environment due to the positive changes.

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“This is great. Nairobi is doing some nice work, especially the greening along its highways. Nairobi can be a good example when it comes to matters environment and development. Let’s work together as a team. We will assist,” he stated.

On his part, the governor welcomed the tributes citing that his administration was working hard to restore Nairobi’s lost glory.

“I’m impressed with the work done by our Ng’arisha Jiji team across the City.

I’m appealing to my fellow Nairobians to support our initiative by avoiding littering our streets and also by dumping domestic and commercial garbage in designated areas only,” the Governor noted.

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Nairobi County Environment Chief Officer, David Makori stated that the county had placed over 1,000 dustbins in the city.

“We now have plans to install dustbins every 50 meters in the CBD and in other areas within 100 meters. This will help us to maintain a clean city with the cooperation of Nairobians,” he added.

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