Officer Breaks Man’s Hand and Leg After Seeking Help at Police Station

Police officer breaks man’s hand and leg after seeking help at a police station in Kitui.

It is alleged that Rashid Ahmed an officer attached to the Matinyani police station attacked Lincoln Nzunza with a wooden plank after he had gone to seek unspecified help at the station.

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After the attack, Nzunza ended up with a broken hand, leg and other life-threatening injuries.

Kitui County Police commandant Lydia Lingami on Sunday confirmed that indeed the attack left Nzunza immobilised.

“We have launched investigations into the Matinyani assault case. The victim has been issued with a P3 Form. We, however, cannot charge the assailant unless the doctor ascertains the magnitude of the injury. It may take time to get the doctor’s report because the fractures may take time to heal,” Lingami told

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She went on to clarify that the police had nothing to hide and that she would ensure no cover-up would be done.

The victim painfully recalled the incident that happened at 11:30 pm after he visited the police station.

He continues to narrate that he felt lucky to escape with his life as the officer was out to kill him as he mercilessly pounded him with the wooden plank.

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According to Nzunza, he was still clueless as to the motive of the alleged attack as after the attack Rashid dragged him and dumped him by the roadside leaving him for dead.

Nzunza revealed that he was rescued by a bodaboda rider who heard him groaning from the bushes.

Nzunza’s family also alleged that it was difficult for them to record a statement as the police had refused to do so because they had gone to report to the same police station he was attacked at.

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