Pilot’s Message To Mum Before Crash

The 29-year-old pilot’s mum discloses his last message before Ethiopian plane crash. The pilot was at the controls of the plane.

The mother, Dr Rayan Shapi, said that she last spoke to the pilot,Yared Getachew, just before he started the journey that claimed the lives of 157 people.

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‘‘I am coming to Nairobi. I have forgotten my phone, but we will talk once I get there,” revealed Shapi as the last she heard from her son.

While conducting prayers for the young pilot whose demise was unfortunate, his family described him as possessing a vicious ambition.

He had worked in the aviation industry for more than 10 years and climbed through the corporate ladder since his years as a cadet to sit among the senior captains.

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“Yared’s brilliance and huge ambitions was clearly shown by the fact that at 29, he had already grown to the rank of senior captain.”  Said Zainab Daham, his cousin.

At the time of their communication, the family revealed that they were not worried particularly because he had flown planes many times before and even racked up 8,000 hours of flying time.

“Yared has been an excellent pilot. For the time that he has been working with the Ethiopian Airlines he has never been involved in any mishap,” revealed the pilot’s uncle Khalid Shapi.

Yared was half Kenyan and half Ethiopian born to Getachew Tessema who was an Ethiopian and mother Shapi.

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