Police Officers Opening Fire Over Expired Bread

Two police officers were arrested in Shauri Yako Estate in Marsabit after opening fire over expired bread.

Reports have it that the officers namely; James Mugo and Peter Gachurushot in the air during a scuffle with a local shopkeeper over the bad bread.

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They were arrested and taken to Marsabit Police Station as investigations continue.

Marsabit Police Commandant Steve Oloo confirmed the incident and explained that the two would remain in custody pending disciplinary action.

He also faulted them for misusing the firearms that had been assigned to them.

“This is total abuse of the power, instead of protecting the common mwananchi, they went about bullying them,” stated Oloo.

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He went on to reveal that the officers went home after a night of duty. However, one of them found his girlfriend upset over the loaf of bread.

She claimed that the shopkeeper had refused to refund her money despite the bread being bad.

The officer then asked his colleague to accompany him to the shop where they shot in the air while confronting the shopkeeper.

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