Sudan Protestors Teargassed in Nairobi CBD

On Wednesday Sudan protestors were teargassed in Nairobi CBD.

The Sudanese nationals were marching to Harambee House with a petition on Khartoum atrocities following the ouster of President Omar al-Bashir.

The protestors first assembled at Freedom corner and planned to match to the Ministry of Foreign affairs, Parliament and later Harambee house. They were however blocked by the police and two of the activists were arrested.

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It is alleged that the protestors started singing Kenya’s national anthem. Others refuted the continued military rule in Sudan.

In a video seen by, a woman is seen coughing as some people try to attend to her. Others put their hands over the eyes following the effect of the tear gas.

The group, which was led by the Human Rights Commission Executive Director, George Kegoro stated that the silence of African leaders would lead to a huge refugee crisis.

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“South Sudan already has problems and the fact that Sudan was stable it enabled some level of stability in South Sudan.

“Now if we have South Sudan unstable, and Sudan becomes unstable, we are going to have a movement of people who feel insecure coming down to the borders of Kenya and Uganda,” she disclosed.

She added that the protestors had notified the authorities of the match and were even granted the permit.

Earlier this month, Sudanese security forces killed 100 civilians after they cracked down a meeting by pro-democracy protesters outside army headquarters in Sudan’s capital Khartoum.

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