Worshipers Left Confused as Bishop Commits Suicide

Worshipers at the Mwamba Faith by Works Ministry were left confused as their bishop commits suicide before service.

45-year-old Emmanuel Nyongesa Simiyu hanged himself on Sunday morning. He is said to have woken up at 7am proceeded to the kitchen and hanged himself, where his son found his body.

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Some of the worshippers were forced to go to his homestead so as to confirm that the news they were receiving were true.

“At first I did not believe that the bishop had killed himself. I spent Ksh 100 to go to his homestead and see for myself,” Grace Simuyu, one of the worshippers stated.

A source shared that the bishop had refused to eat and appeared disturbed for a couple of months.

“For the past three months the bishop seemed disturbed and had promised to do something terrible,” a source told The Hakikapost.

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Some of the residents stated that they did not believe that the bishop had committed suicide yet he was a man of God.

“Why would a man of God end his life? Who is going to look after his flock?” one of the congregants questioned.

The location chief Mildred Chesoli stated that the bishop did not leave a suicide note to affirm what led to his actions.

“We are yet to establish why he took his own life,” he noted.

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